Q:  How can I be sure that my home and my dog is safe if I hire Lucky Dog? 

A:   Lucky Dog's main priority is the safety and security of our clients, their animal companions and their homes. We collect emergency contact names from you at registration, so your vet and an alternative contact can be notified should you not be available.  We are bonded and insured, and we are members of Pet Sitters International.  And we are dog owners and dog lovers ourselves! 

Q:  What if there is an emergency while I'm away on vacation? 

A:  When you register for our services, Lucky Dog  prepares an information file on your dog that includes telephone numbers where you can be reached, the name of your veterinarian, and any other information that you would like us to have in case of an emergency.  We maintain up-to-date information on 24-hour emergency animal hospitals in the Greater Boston area. 

Q:  My dog can be aggressive towards other dogs.

A:   Some dogs are aggressive out of fear; others may be territorial. If your dog is not well socialized with other dogs or with people, we do not recommend group outings. An aggressive dog can be a danger to other dogs in the pack who are out to have a fun time.   We are happy to offer private walks for dogs whose temperament is not suitable for group outings.             

Q:  What is your dog background?

A:   Jane Beal, owner of Lucky Dog, has been around dogs all her life -- even before she was born!  Both her grandmothers were dog breeders.

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